Our Mission

To share the positive impact of the new business paradigm in promoting inclusive development and to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, youth and women.

Our Vision


Deliver training and educational programs to encourage public sector organizations to support and to nurture the development of a vibrant ecommerce ecosystem in their local markets.


Inspire new economy entrepreneurs to be the catalyst to motivate others to build a thriving ecosystem that integrates ecommerce, payment, logistics, and big data.


Provide up-to-date ecommerce practical knowledge to local universities and institutions to cultivate local trainers towards developing future ecommerce talents for the new economy.

Our Programs

New Economy Workshop

For government officials & policymakers

A module showcasing the capabilities and promise of a new digital economy for government officials and policymakers through first-hand experiences in fintech, logistics, ecommerce and big data industries.

You will attend lectures and seminars given by senior executives and get first-hand experience via practical field studies to understand how ecommerce is changing local society and what role government can play in enabling development.

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eFounders Fellowship

For entrepreneurs

A program focused on developing entrepreneurs with existing new economy ventures in the developing world grow and innovate.

You will be given the opportunity to incorporate first-hand experiences with real life ecommerce applications in an effort to provide a framework for improving successful businesses across ecommerce platforms.


Alibaba Netpreneur Training

For entrepreneurs & business leaders

The Alibaba Netpreneur Training program brings entrepreneurs and business leaders together to explore how to harness digital technology to positively transform their business and the local economy.

You will learn and gain insights into the key factors in Alibabas long-term success, the defining moments and failures that have shaped Alibabas journey, and an understanding of Alibabas ecosystem.


Global eCommerce Talent Program (GET)

For trainers

An ecommerce training program for local trainers in universities. We will provide practical and actionable guidance on how to nurture and build businesses to empower others to participate in the new economy.

As a certified local trainer, you can then help students to be better equipped with ecommerce knowledge and promote the development of global ecommerce.

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