Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass Spain 2nd Edition

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The Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass program offers entrepreneurs and business owners an opportunity to learn and explore how to harness digital technology to grow their businesses and the local economy. Led by business leaders from across Alibaba and China, the course will delve into the latest trends and practices shaping China's digital economy, and discuss approaches and frameworks for building a successful and innovative business in today's digital world.



During a 4-week online masterclass, participants will deepen their knowledge and understanding of:

Who we are looking for

The program welcomes founders, co-founders, CEOs or business owners of an officially registered venture that has been in operation for at least 2 years, who are:

Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass Spain 2nd Edition

Application is closed.



4 Weeks, including OPENING & CLOSING

Time Commitment:

6-8 hours per week

Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass

May - June, 2022.





What AGI Alumni are saying

AGI Class


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trends and updates on China's digital economy

Brian A. Wong


Founder of Alibaba Global Initiatives
Former VP of Alibaba Group

Yong Zhou

Secretary-General, Alibaba Global Digital
Talent Network

Neo Cai


Director of Alibaba Global Initiatives
Founder of Alibaba Global Leadership Academy

Chandee Zhuang



Senior Advisor of Alibaba Global Initiatives
Alibaba Group


4 Weeks Course Schedule + Opening & Graduation Ceremony

Time Commitment:

6-8 hours per week

Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass

09 May - 14 June, 2022.

The program application is to be closed by the end of Apr. 22nd. Thank you very much for your interest in our training program. You can contact us by to know more about Alibaba Global Initiatives and next editions of the Masterclass.