Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass France

Powered by Alibaba Global Initiatives, Alibaba Group France and AliExpress France

The Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass France program offers French digital entrepreneurs and business owners an opportunity to learn and explore how to harness digital technology to grow their businesses and the local economy.


The Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass France program is the opening series of the two-part program organized by Alibaba Global Initiatives, Alibaba Global France and AliExpress France to support recovery, growth and digitization of French business. During a 6 week online masterclass, participants will deepen their knowledge and understanding of:


The development of the digital economy in China and the most cutting-edge trends and practices in use within the growing digital economy in China.



Fundamentals of the role of new technology and the digital economy in enabling business growth.



Key learnings from traditional businesses from a wide range of industries who recently went through digital transformation in China.



Key insights into the evolution of Alibaba's ecosystem including learnings and best practices through sharing sessions from Alibaba's business leaders.



Business frameworks and strategy, strengthening their organization's capacity to drive innovation and achieve greater results. For example, how to create an environment based on Alibaba's practical experience (such as how to develop a strategy guided by Mission, Vision and Values and supported by Organization, People and KPI).

Who are we looking for?

The training program welcomes founders, co-founders, CEOs or business owners of an officially registered venture that has been in operation for at least 2 years, who are:


Passionate about progress and willing to explore long-term solutions for developing the digital economy.


Committed to building strong businesses for lasting success, but also to creating communities that enable experience sharing and others to succeed.


Curious, pragmatic, and willing to adapt to the capabilities of new technology and tap into the global market.


Either looking to transform their businesses digitally or providing solutions, services or training to enable digital transformation.

Faculty & resources for online learning

● The online class and learning resources will be delivered via Alibaba's online learning platform DingTalk. Participants can access the platform from a PC, mobile or tablet.
● The lecturers are all in China. They are Alibaba leaders, business executives and industry watchers who have expertise in digital industries or company management.

AGI Class
Free learning resources about the latest
trends and updates on China's digital economy

Brian A. Wong
Founder of Alibaba Global Initiatives
Former VP of Alibaba Group

Yong Zhou
Secretary-General, Alibaba Global Digital
Talent Network

Neo Cai
Senior Advisor of Alibaba Global Initiatives
Founder of Alibaba Global Leadership Academy

Chandee Zhuang
Senior Advisor of Alibaba Global Initiatives
Alibaba Group


An online certificate will be awarded by Alibaba Global Initiatives to the participants who successfully complete the online course. Please check out our program's FAQs for more details and information.

Apply Now

Applications for the Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass France are now open.

You can contact us at to learn more about the Netpreneur Masterclass Program.


Alibaba Netpreneur
Masterclass France

Applications are now open.


Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass France
Nov 2 - Dec 14, 2021.


6 Weeks, plus OPENING and CLOSING

Time Commitment:

6 hours per week





Video Highlights from the 1st Edition European Masterclass: